A short questionnaire and small black and white drawings

April 21st, 2016

Before embarking on the adventure of a first work on the theme of doubt, lack of confidence
Here are some notes, some sketches

Avant de se lancer dans l’aventure d’une première oeuvre sur le thème du doute, du manque de confiance en soi
Voici quelques notes, quelques croquis

A short questionnaire
I suggest you a small list of keywords
Note what comes to mind

Un petit questionnaire
Je vous propose une petite liste de mots clefs
Notez ce qui vous vient à l’esprit

-> Symbols, objects, materials? (Symbols, objets, matières ?)

-> Colors? Sounds? (Couleurs ? Sons ?)

-> Movements, actions, comparisons? (Mouvements, actions, comparaisons ?)

-> Animals, plants, architectural elements? (Animaux, plantes, éléments d’architecture ?)

And here small black and white drawings that you can use
Et voici des petits dessins noirs et blancs que vous pouvez utiliser












Feel free to use the black and white sketches for your art works.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the comments below.


One Response to “A short questionnaire and small black and white drawings”

  1. Su Hall says:

    I did one. I will post it on Facebook today. ‘Doubt’ is such an all-encompassing attitude with me. I once asked my psychiatrist how to know if one is making good choices. Experience, was all he said. You take those lessons and apply them to current events. But, who does that – for real? It really took me until I was much older before all the things I have learned began to take hold. Lots of regrets, too, but, that is a different story!
    For me it is easier to stay the same, never try anything new. But, when I put work into it, make an effort and ‘go for it’, leaving doubt in my dust, it is almost without fail that it turns out for the best. LOL
    Thanks for helping to get this out. I doubt myself every day in my art. I am among so many awesome artists! All I can do is try! And, I do.